ACRONYM exclusively for JET

ACRONYM en exclusiva para JET

In the world of High End fashion and Streetwear, we all look for a consistent style around us. Generally, we adapt by wearing certain clothes. In the case of Errolson Hugh, the Canadian founder of ACRONYM, this reasoning is very different.

The brand born in Berlin in 1994 with a single objective: to be oneself with whoever carries it. ACRONYM It is not the typical High End “Teki” brand you know.The garments are structurally much more extreme than traditional, its cuts and settings are based on clothing worn by the army or those used during combat in the Martial Arts.

ACRONYMwas born so that garments could function in the same way that the best computer in the world works, the best audio system with high definition, or your favorite gadget. They have the characteristic of being intuitive so that you are the one who gives them the use you prefer. In fact, Errolson has even commented that the garments perform far exceeding the requirements of the average user.

The brand uses water and wind repellent materials for the construction of its garments, and much of its production works perfectly, thanks to its modular characteristic through design patterns that are repeated and intertwined. Enthusiasts of the brand consider that they are garments for the end of the world. In that sense, they also point out thatACRONYM it's dark yet sophisticated, technical and tactical, providing a cyberpunk atmosphere in a dystopian future.

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