Add original x man-made robot

adidas Originals x HUMAN MADE en DROPS

Human manufacturing Founded in 2010 as a brand Apple and Footwear In the eyes of designers, photographers, therapists and music producers Nigo, Be recognized for its representative function American wine Under the high understanding of Nigger On youth culture.


Original Adidas and Human manufacturing They worked together again to reinterpret the three classic trilobal brands: Stan Smith, campus and opponent.  

This time, your figureStan SmithIt's divided into three different parts CologneThis is the second time Stan Smith because Human manufacturing 2020

Rasluetta campus There is a wrapped gift! “Gears for futuristic teenagers” from Human manufacturing Blacklist members Human manufacturing Right in the back.

Rasluetta opponent It plays on three different multicolor trays “Gears for futuristic teenagers” from Human manufacturing And the classic heart Human manufacturing.


Add original x man-made robot


Shoe price:From $2799 to $2999 MXN


Men's size:From 7.5 us to 11 US


Launch: 06.08.2020


Record open 04.08.2020


Closure of registry 06.08.2020 6:00 pm


The winner will be told:6: 08.2020 after 6:00 pm


*All internal sales MX It's over No change or return is allowed. Duplicate records in the same product shall result in disqualification and / or disqualification.


*If the winner, your order will be sent by DHL. This launch cannot be picked up in the tent.


When you pay, your mailing address should be the same as your invoice address, otherwise your order will be cancelled.


*In view of the limited size of the register, if I do not allow you to register, it is because your size is full. We recommend that you register in the other available options.