DROPS: Nike x Comme des Garons Dunk Low

DROPS: Nike x Comme des Garçons Dunk Low
Presented last September during the SS20 Women's Paris parade in Comme des Garéons, lto iconic silhouette Nike Dunk is shown with all the potential that the High End can offer you.
Japan, and Tokyo specifically, have played an important role in establishing the Nike Dunk As an icon of the international urban community, based on the energetic elements of city life: the club scene, graffiti, skateboarding and fashion, are embodied by those who have adopted the silhouette, many of them leaders of the respective Tokyo scenes. In the 35 years since Dunk's debut, Japan-led releases and collaborations have continually propelled the silhouette's history, keeping the shoe in line with its balance of community authenticity and creative ingenuity.
The latest collaboration of the Nike Dunk with Comme des Garéons is a spiritual follow-up to a clear 2017 Dunk Hi, which exemplifies the impulse to Rei Kawakubo to continually create new things. The unisex design, like its predecessor, presents the Dunk with a new materiality, this time taking the Nexkin material, a familiar element thanks to its implementation in the Vaporfly SP and React Element 87, and playing with inherent transparencies. Both versions feature a full CDG monogram print and simple dark colors, highlighting the layered color potential to give the Nexkin a plane with a new sense of texture and dimensionality, an effect that fits the overall design spirit of Kawakubo.
Limited records available in DROPS.
Price: $8,000 pesos
Women's Sizes: 5W US-14W US
Registration opens: 22.05.2020
Registration closes:24.05.2020
Winners will be notified: 25.05.2020

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