Engineered Garments and its "engineering philosophy"

Engineered Garments y su “engineering philosophy

Meet Daiki Suzuki, the master mind behind this brand just arrived at JET. The Japanese designer came to the United States in 1989 to work as a buyer of a men's fashion store in Boston, Massachusetts, 10 years later, inspired by creating day-to-day products longed for by him, but which were impossible for him to get on the market.

That's where it's born Engineered Garments, with a vision of reinterpreting everyday styles, such as daily work clothes, military suits and coats, but under a different focus, looking at the details, the practical and the aesthetic.

Daiki alters his designs meticulously by removing scraps of fabric that, for him, do not fulfill any function and add components to create a unique and original piece.

20 years later, the brand continues to stay true to its initial mission, create men's clothing with unique techniques and details, rather than taking traditional design methods that thousands of other brands use to date.

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