FEAR OF GOD arrives at JET Store

FEAR OF GOD llega a JET Store

There is a legend within the streetwear contemporary that says that all that is around Kanye or that has been touched by him, is gold. It happened to Virgil Abloh with OFF-White, happened to Ibn Jasper with Stratica, happened to DON C and also to his great friend Jerry Lorenzo with its Los Angeles, California brand,Fear Of God.

The concept ofFear Of Godit arises from Jerry's need to create fashion based on his tastes: sports, '80s and' 90s music and army garments. All these items can be found through his collections, which at first were a gift to his closest friends, such asKanye and Kim.The Fear Of God boom happens in the middle of this decade, when you start customizing and customizing vintage shirts of rock bands likeNirvana, NIN and Metallica,between others. Such was the success of this trend that he even had the task of designing garments forJustin Bieberand his' Purpose Tour '.


Spanish Parliamentoversizedin garments such as jeans and flannel shirts, they will be remembered by a generation that saw the rise of the brand to position itself as one of the most important in this decade. Perhaps the most outstanding thing is to realize that the mass turned into something so simple but of great quality; for testing, all ripoffs that fast fashion chain stores sold as look alikes of Fear Of God.

The brand has international enthusiasts such as the musician John Meyer or Jared Letto, the latter has served as a model for the latest collections. Now with a more tactical look, sandy and earthy colors, and an attitude that invites us to relax to use pieceshigh endwithout pretexts. The brand's success has also led it to collaborate with Nike for some clothing and footwear collections, which stand out for their genuine design, reinterpreting Oregon brand classics with the touch oversized and sports of Lorenzo.

In 2019 Jerry visited Mexico City to present their new collection together with Nike, developing different activities such as the creation of editorial content for the presentation of the same, visits to different energy and high fashion boutiques, and a master's degree talk where he shared his impressions of our city.

"When I talk about fashion with my friends, I'm surprised that Mexico doesn't jump into the conversation. Mexico City is the best kept secret for creatives around the world "

Jerry also commented that Mexico City would have to be one of the countries where his brand was available, and that is why we are pleased to announce From now on you can find the Sixth Collection of Fear Of God in Jet Store, available both in store and online.