Jerry Lorenzo, the "representation" of Fear of God

Jerry Lorenzo, la

The designer, or as he prefers to be called, "the representation" of the Los Angeles-based brand launches Miedo a Dios in 2012, and it all starts when you create your own designs by seeing the lack of them in the market, so gradually it was including new patterns and without realizing it, you already had a full collection to get out for sale. From a young age he had a lot of inclination toward clothes and vintage house objects, accompanied his mom to used object markets, and began to understand and appreciate the curacy of these.

The main thing for Jerry in his collections is to show them from another point of view, so instead of making classic walkways, he makes them known in the format of película corta, and Of course their renovated vintage pieces, which are the essence of the brand.

But let's talk about the launches we currently have at JET, specifically about the collaboration of Fear of God alongside Nike.. To create their sneakers the first thing he thought before starting with the models was to concentrate on their performance and operation, and so, rather than being everyday sports shoe, they were actually used by athletes to perform their activities. 3 years was the time it took to create from this collection, as you can see, Jerry is a born perfectionist and his sneakers with Nike. has a lot of head behind his creation.

Our JET releases feature Miedo a Dios RAID, a design inspired by the 1992 Air Raid as it has sentimental value for Jerry, is his favorite Nike design along with the line Air JordanThe next release is about Miedo al aire de Nike de Dios Moccasin, which details a very clean silhouette, a sneaker free of sharps and neutral colors.

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