Rick Owens' mastery, dark mind

La mente maestra y obscura de Rick Owens

The American designer was born in Porterville, California and studied painting and sculpture in Los Angeles before getting involved in fashion design. Throughout his career, he began to be recognized in the fashion world for his asymmetrical leather jackets. In 1994, Rick began his clothing line with the help of his wife Michelle Lamy and in 2007 he also began designing house furniture.

Rick does not know how to make collections without generating controversy, he is expert in being in the mouth of all the members of the fashion movement for its grey aesthetic and premeditated gloomy style that remains dormant since its inception. It has been 24 years of innovation, influence and obscurity that define his career.

The iconoclastic designer has dedicated himself to creating visual feasts: fashion such as sculpture, clothing as armor and today has a reputation in the fashion industry where he is between a cult brand and always leaving the comfort zone.

"I have been very loyal to a very specific aesthetic and I think the audience has responded positively to that. People respect someone who has a strong opinion about something. This review is inclusive, tolerant and affectionate and has a slight part of drama - and everyone loves a little drama" - Rick Owens. H-Magazine, March 2019.

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