Ways to use the Off-White belt:

Maneras de utilizar el cinturón Off-White:

Being one of the protagonists in the movement of streetwear, your designer, Virgil Abloh he has earned the respect of the whole world and has given one - or many-classes of good style to all as the global citizen which it is.

Let's talk about one of his most iconic pieces and call this famous fashion element of which we will talk as "the accessory of our generation"” and although it sounds a lot to say, the reality is that the 'Industrial Belt’ of Off-White he has broken schemes since its launch as he has been protagonist in the street style scene in both women's and men's fashion and we have seen him in the waistlines of many artists and important personalities around the world.

The reality is that an accessory can completely change the essence of a look and that's why we want to show you several combinations that can be made with this belt.

But before, remember that you can buy it in our store, now yes, here are several ways to use it: