Marcelo Burlon and his feather neck

Marcelo Burlon y su cuello de plumas


To understand the first and so iconic launch of his ‘County of Milan’ line, we have to go back years and know his path that led him to be one of the designers who have structured the world of fashion today.

Pay attention to this, because his story was the key that led to the creation of this shirt:

Marcelo burlon He was born in Patagonia, Argentina surrounded by mountains, lakes and unique landscapes. At the age of 13 he moved with his family to Italy where he began his journey in the world of parties. At first it worked as gatekeeper of many dens, there he decided, according to his look, who entered and who did not. In time it escalated to be DJ, at that time important personalities in the fashion business how Raf simons Y Riccardo tisci and they began to contact him to organize parties.

That contact with fashion led him to create his first star product with the designer Giorgio di Salvo, the t-shirt feathers. At first the idea was for it to become a kind of uniform for the DJs in the world, but before long the world began to see artists and musicians taking him to their events and trips.

Seeing more and more people wearing it, the piece became a key element in the world of streetwear and everyone who uses it is instantly part of the gang of which you can also be part acquiring it here.