Needles and their Japanese Textiles with American Inspiration

Needles y sus Textiles Japonenses con Inspiración Americana

With the number of brands that exist today, it's hard to create some kind of connection and feel identified with them, but Needles has the characteristic that, with its avant-garde pieces and materials with history there is no way to feel one more of the heap and that's why we want to tell you a little about this brand and that you will become part of it.

The male brand was created in 1988 by the Japanese Keizo Shimizu, dealing with an ideal of the far west, the American military style and the sportswear with the use of Japanese textiles, to maintain its roots, and besides after trying to build its parts in many places of the world, currently, all the manufacture of the pieces are made in Japan.

Every season, the brand undoes a quantity of pieces vintange, more than all military, to rebuild it again with its predominant artistic thread and so focus on applying special details about the pieces in places you wouldn't expect.

This is how Needles After 31 years it is still so strong and growing and now you can get it in Mexico in our online and physical store.