adidas x IVY PARK Collection in JET

adidas x IVY PARK Collection en JET

In an epic global alliance, Beyonce, a feminine icon of today's culture has teamed up with adidas to launch a collection with a statement strong, which is inclined towards the design of gender-neutral garments and with slight nods to performance.

Proudly the first collection of adidas x IVY PARK combines fashion and storytelling in an unprecedented way. This unique relationship, upholds the values ​​of inclusion, community and diversity and will take consumers on an unconventional journey. The association respects the property of Beyoncé from IVY PARK, and continues her journey as one of the first women of color to be the sole owner of an athleisure brand.

The collection's color palette features vivid shades of solar orange andGarnetwith cream that make a bold statement. The styles illustrate a relentless and innovative work ethic like that of its creator. The items are multi-purpose, with layers built into various pieces that equip the user with the tools they need to be creative and get their job done, whether in the field or on the street. Utility overalls, cargo pants, and cycling hoodie and shorts reinforce the attitude. Asymmetry is seen in a dress and coat, and harness details appear throughout the collection, whether as straps on a sports bra, purse, or backpack.

Complemented by four styles of footwear, adidas x IVY PARK reinterprets iconic adidas classics with bold colors and a fresh design approach.

Historically, adidas has paved the way by collaborating with artists to bring their vision of design and style to life. Beyoncé's proven ability to tell a story and entice consumers to follow her into uncharted territories is the best in its class. With this specific collaboration, the brand pushes boundaries and explores unexpected routes by partnering with one of the most important and impactful storytellers of the 21st century.

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