NEW DROP: Nike ISPA Joyride Envelope

NEW DROP: Nike ISPA Joyride Envelope

Improvise, track, protect and adapt. These four words are in short the meaning of ISPA, a new line of Nike Sportswear led by its team of special projects, which focuses on offering us products with which we can have a better interaction with the climate of the various urban environments around the world.

This season ISPA offers us new models of Nike reworked conceptually; the result of this are silhouettes with a tactical and utilitarian look, so that we can enjoy a winter season, endowed with comfort and an incomparable look.

The debutant of this collection is the silhouette for runners Summer: Nike Joyride Envelope. Now under the nomenclatures LIFESTYLE ISPA, have much more to offer us than just the comfort of technology located in its midsole.

For a futuristic and functional design sensitivity, ISPA pays for this piece in two Colorways for the season. Its nylon straps, water-repellent panels made of water-repellent applications,Ripstop and their 2049 look, give open letter to blow up the imagination with the myriad possibilities with which it can be mixed using various looks.

Additionally, it has an enveloping structure that allows you to slide your foot directly, as is done with rain boots. When you have it on, the folds can be folded depending on what you want at that time: if you fold it to the middle side, you will have a waterproof and weatherproof footwear; when the weather turns warm, it bends to the side and takes advantage of its perforated design to maintain freshness.

The Nike ISPA Joyride Envelope is now available in DROPS.

 Price:$3,999 pesos

US Men's Sizes: 7.5US-12.5US

Launch: 29.11.19

Registration opens: 25.11.19

Registration closes: 28.11.19 11:00 am

Winners will be announced: 8.11.19 a.m. to 6 p.m.

All sales within are final. No exchanges or refunds are accepted.