NEW DROP: PUMA x BALMAIN exclusively on JET

NEW DROP: PUMA x BALMAIN exclusivamente en JET

PUMA and BALMAIN they are amalgaman for an epic collaboration inspired by boxing and full of styles that evoke the garments of Parisian haute couture. For the launch campaign, the Cara Delevingne model was in charge of being the official image showing us a revealing look and based on the idea of "fighting the good battle".

The aim of this collection is to tell us the story of ordinary people who are fierce in their day-to-day life, fighting and fighting to get what they want without asking permission and without apologizing, always defending their ideals.

The collection includes footwear, clothing and accessories, a perfect trifecta full of style. TheFootwear It is composed of pieces made of flexible black leather, some pieces have large tabs, straps with gold buttons in the style of leather jackets, etc.




 Footwear prices: From $7,699 to $10,999 pesos


Sizes in centimeters: 22 to 30CM


Apparel prices: From $1,299 to $14,299 pesos


Sizes: XS-L


Launch: 12.12.19 


Registration opens: 07.12.19


Registration closes: 11.12.19


Winners will be notified: 11.12.19 after 6 p.m.


If you win, you can pick up your pair on 12.12.19 from 11:00 a.m.


All sales within are final. No exchanges or refunds are accepted.