New robot: Reebok instapump fury boost on Robot

NEW DROP: Reebok Instapump Fury Boost disponible en DROPS

For a long time, the pioneer instapump fury has been the Savior of the world, and now, with the incomparable comfort provided by boost, we are sure it will exceed the limits of design and performance.

This epic collaboration between Adidas and Reebok Instapump Fury Boost □ He came to Mexico with his airplane story Parker OG meets og.

Pack "og meets og" celebrates the opening colors of Reebok instapump fury and Adidas ultboost 1.0. Instapump Fury's high-tech look sets it apart from traditional shoe scenes. However, it is the original color of the shoe that makes it an icon of style. Steven Smith, creator of fury, instapump fury thinks fury has to make an intuitive statement-Who designed snowflakes next to kenye West He designed a yellow top with a shimmering color and black accent. It's a bold choice that captures the heartless creativity and independence of fuller.

Reebok instapump fury boost is available on drops


Price:Peso 4999

Men's size: 7.5US-11US

Launch: 06.12.19

Record open 02.12.19

Closure of registry 05.12.19 11:00

The winner will be announced: 5:12:19-6:00


If you're chosen as the winner, you can do it at 6:12:19 in the morning

*All internal sales MX is the end. No change or return is allowed.