Nike C/O Virgil Abloh“Athlete in progress”collection in drops

Nike c/o Virgil Abloh “Athlete in Progress” Collection en DROPS


Virgil abloh and NikeThey showed the third part of Mexico's "sport in progress" series. This collection is just a blink of an eye. The confidence of racing drivers is firm. It is a high-performance rear running garment extracted from Nike's rich heritage in track and field.

Athletes such as Dina Asher Smith, Vashti Cunningham, Cecilia Yeung, English Gardner, Katarina Johnson Thompson, Nafi Thiam, caterine ibargen and R é Nelle lamote helped abloh debut the series during the exhibition.SS19 de Off-White -?

There are two suits for Virgil beauty in this robot. The contents remind us of Off White's prank and irony, a pair of tights, the colors are quite conspicuous, and there are other clothes, which are about to be closed, which will be quite loud during 2019.

The Nike x off white "Athletics in progress" is available on drops.


Price: 549 to 549 pesos (USD)

Women's size: XS to L

Launch: 12.12.19

Record open 09.12.19

Record off 11.12.19 18:00

The winner will be notified at 21:00 after 11.12.19

If you win, you can go from 12.12.19 to 12:00

All internal sales MX It's over No change or return is allowed.