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Nike ISPA: Overreact & Apparel en DROPS

ISPA yes Improvisation, scavenge, protect and adapt (improvisation, utilization, protection and adaptation). Comments more than a month ago Rethinking our design philosophyno If we look around, what solutions can we find? How can we use what we have to create new things? A. Methods ISPA You have the answer

he Overreach He took comfort to the limit, and then he moved to the limit. Remove anything that might interfere with our feet Add your technology REACE FOAMno Put it, put it Geometry that works for usIf you find any errors, please feel free to comment! result: A pair of bound shoes

According to the true spirit of recycling, the upper part of flyknit is built with extra filler wire. The result is that one shoe demonstrates the "reuse" organization of other shoe designs, providing you with the comfort and stability you need. The laceless design incorporates a contact lock that makes it easy for you to put on or take off your shoes. When it's tied, it gives you a sense of security, as if it hugs your foot.

ElbodiNike ISPA Take advantage of the latest inventionsSo you can move on theySpandex and microstructure are elastic and flexibleno Mesh panels increase air flow, while sweat absorbing technology maintains fluidity and comfort.

they Nike pants ISPA They have waterproof designs At the same time, under the condition of humidity, the corrosion resistance is also improved. Fixed guardThere's an adjustable network band inside So you can find the perfect match (closed) Include a pressure shut-off, put it on and take it off The material reinforced from the knee and the bottom of the screw prevents wear.

The ventilating plate behind the knee and reinforced improves ventilation to provide a more comfortable environment; You can keep your little things safely in your pocket

she Nike T-shirt ISPA Dri-fit This is a new version of your favorite style Yes, yes A design that incorporates the latest inventions and controls humidity to maintain comfort Day by day challenges. The combination of tissue and mesh provides fresh air And soft, while absorbing sweat technology to keep sweating and comfortable. they The outstretched fist brings warmth to the thumb When you need it the most

In addition, the dress has a long back fold that provides greater back protection.

NikeISPAOverreach&Apparel in Drops


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Men's size:S-XL (signature)

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