Off-White: The King of Black, White and Yellow

Off-White: El rey del negro, blanco y amarillo

High fashion and the street culture had a son and this one is called Off-White. Born from the hands of Virgil Abloh, a fashion designer from Illinois, the United States.  Among all his creative activities, such as architecture, dj and furniture design, to name a few, he creates a brand under the concept, that street inspiration can also be of quality and that in fashion world there are fields still to be explored.



This is how Off-White is born in Milan in 2013. With the mission of navigating the American aesthetics in Italian territories, to raise its quality and thus be able to create the ideal products for a public that is found in search of something different.


From the very first moment that Virgil creates his brand, he has the main idea of giving space to those people who put their creativity at the moment of dressing. The industrial belts , the Diagonal striped bags and the use of military stamping are some of the garments that characterize Off-White.


Remember that you can get your products online for both men as forwomenonline and in physical store.