Premium quality colorful sneakers, that's Stratica International

Sneakers coloridos de calidad premium, eso es Stratica International

The Creative Ibn Jasper followed in the footsteps of his friends Kanye West And Virgil Abloh, launched its line of sneakers and we bring it exclusively for you. The idea was born from his designs that had been under construction for some time in his Adobe Illustrator, of which he never thought they would see the light. But his plans have changed and today he introduces us to his models Stratica Broadway and Stratica Wildshire.

But to understand the brand, let's first meet its creator. Ibn Jasper, capable you've heard him as the loyal barber of Kanye WestBut Ibn is much more than that, his love of fashion and the aesthetics of luxury skateboarding has made him world-renowned, other than Stratica International, is the designer behind Cordova and collaborator of Diamond Supply Co.

Stratica International brings elements of designs from the past to the future with very specific references and perspectives. The quality is maintained in each of its designs, part of the process is handmade and the complexity of the pairs remain intact when applying the outsole, top construction and complete package in general.

The main idea of this release is to wear familiar sneakers silhouettes and join it with trainers for casual clothing, always combining vibrant colors as part of the final result.

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