The Vampire's Wife comes to JET

The Vampire's Wife llega a JET

Susie cave has been in the public eye since before creating her brand as she is the musician's wife Nick cave, also known for being a vampire par excellence, not only because her physique is assimilated to one, but also because of her super exquisite aesthetics, her way of being and her philosophy of life, therefore,. Susie is The Vampire's Wife.

 The vampire's wife is the vision of Susie cave Implemented in clothing, her brand born in 2015 has gone from being a small cult brand to being a giant monster that is focusing on revitalizing the wardrobes of all the women of the world.

Since Beyonce until Duchess of Cambridge, the brand has become a must in millennials, mothers, celebrities and musicians how Dakota Johnson, Cate Blanchett, Kate Moss, Keira Knightley among other.

Dresses Susie They have coincided with a moment in time when the female gender prides itself on displaying beauty and female empowerment. They have elegantly sensual cuts that show the figure of the woman with strong and exquisite colors.

The vampire's wife is a story about beauty that is rapidly transforming into something that is genuinely extraordinary and you will soon be able to get it at JET.