We are all urban ninjas by Maharishi

Todos somos ninjas urbanos de Maharishi

Functionality is its purpose as brand and the oriental mix with streetwear is his seal, which is why he led Maharishi to become a cult brand in the90s for both women and men and this happened specifically in London.



Maharishi has the peculiarity that, wearing his pieces, you will feel like an urban ninja mixed with a soldier of war, and to understand it, you have to see his jackets Oriental cut, wide trousers in the style combat and the camouflage print peeking out in detail.


That was the main inspiration of Hardy blechman to create the brand "of pacifist military designs" Maharishi in 1994, which is based on a mentality of fair trade, High quality and uses natural hemp fibers, making any product of this brand a valuable element for your clothing collection.

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