UNION X AIr Jordan

UNION X AIr Jordan

Celebrating Jordan's impact on streetwear culture.
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UNION x Air Jordan

JET Mexico presents the launch of the new UNION x Air Jordan. Learn about the sales dynamics below.

  1. Complete the requested data, registration starts on Monday, December 3 at 9:00 pm and ends on Monday, December 10 at 6:00 pm.
  2. The right of purchase will be random. We will only contact people who will have the opportunity to buy.
  3. On Monday, December 10 after 9:00 pm you will be notified by phone or email if you have made your reservation and will receive your account from the contacto@jetstore.com.mx We will only receive payments via Paypal or Credit Card.
  4. If the account is not settled before 10:00am on Tuesday, December 11, your pair will be offered to the next selected person.
  5. Once liquidated you will have to go through it on the same Tuesday, December 11 before 9:00 pm. Otherwise Jet will refund your purchase and your pair will be offered to the next selected person.


*Product will only be delivered to registered persons with official INE ID or Passport.