Vava and its concept of futuristic fashion

Vava y su concepto de futuristic fashion

The mark of eyewear born in Berlin in 2013 by the Portuguese designer Pedro Passos Da Silva, produced in collaboration with Giordano Cazzola and Beate Leinz (former lens designer for Prada fashion house).

The main inspiration of Vavait is the techno scene of Detroit and its post-industrial landscapes, Italian futurism, sci-fi films, Bauhaus and the aesthetics of the first computers of the 80 years.

The brand was created under an idea of the high conceptual language of machines and art, and follows classical design and architecture patterns: squares, triangles and rectangles. They focus on their products coming from high quality materials and are therefore hand-made by a small family business in Treviso, Italy.

The materials used for these products are recyclable acetate by Mazzucchelli and glass lenses by Barberini. The brand's mission: "To represent individuals who are in control of the technological world." And if you hesitated, we clarified that when you buy these lenses you are taking a step towards the future. A future that cares for your planet, loves technology and imposes styles and trends.

The collection is available in our physical store located at: Arcos Bosque, Local PB 15, Paseo de los Tamarindos 90, Bosque de las Lomas, 05110 Mexico City.